The Human Genome Music Project - 2012


Human Genome Music Download - Chromosome 1 3.99

The 30 minutes of Chromosome 1 - HQ mp3 format (320 kbs)


The Human Genome Music Project - 2012 is the culmination of 7 years research into the resonant properties of DNA by Stuart Mitchell.    

Seven Wonders Suite for Orchestra


Stuart Mitchell's
DNA Variations I (The Sea)

Composed, performed and produced by Stuart Mitchell



Rosslyn Motet Music and PDF booklet featuring author  Richard Merrick  Special Book & Audio Download Price 8.99 





Seven Wonders Suite for Choir & Orchestra (2001)

Composed by Stuart Mitchell
Performed by The Prague Symphony Orchestra & Kuhn Mixed Choir
Conducted by Mario Klemens


The Rosslyn Motet (2005)
Stuart & T.J.Mitchell

Music deciphered from a 15th century scottish chapel made famous in the book 'The Da Vinci Code'. Read about the discovery of the notes using the science of Cymatics.


Your DNA is a Song (2009)

Your DNA has melodic, harmonic and rhythmic form and structure, therefore,
everyone and every living species has a musical signature.
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