Stuart Mitchell (Composer) (born December 21, 1965) is a UK pianist producer and composer,
best known for his Seven Wonders Suite (2001). The Seven Wonders Suite has been recorded by
The Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mario Klemens. In 2014 a new recording of The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus from Seven Wonders Suite performed by The Czech National Orchestra with Paul Bateman (Conductor) was recorded by Deutsche Grammophon.


The work received its 'Premier' performance in Prague in November 2006 performed by The Czech National Orchestra conducted by Paul Freeman at the Rudolfinum Concert Hall in Prague. This major symphonic work has put Stuart currently at #181 in the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2017 and is regularly requested by their listeners.



Stuart Mitchell is the son of pianist and composer Thomas J. Mitchell. In 2005, the Mitchell's received media coverage from Reuters, ITN, BBC, and CNN/Fox News when they deciphered a musical code of cymatics carved into the ceiling design of Rosslyn Chapel.
In collaboration with John Stuart Reid of, the process was confirmed in a television documentary by The Discovery Channelin the USA and Channel 5 in the UK, recently aired a documentary titled "The Da Vinci Code: The True Story", in which the truthbehind Dan Brown's novel is revealed. Aspects of the chapel were featured in Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code.


In 2008 Stuart released the first in his series of works called DNA Variations, music translated from Ancestral DNA sequences of various species and has just completed his second in the series called Fly - Orchestral Suite. Stuart founded his company Your DNA Song Ltd in 2005 to bring personalized DNA music to clients and individuals. Stuart's DNA music company is also currently involved with sound healing therapy exploring wayssoundwaves can impact the body and well-being of clients.


Stuart's current projects include: Concert at Chartres Cathedral in 2017, Earth Variations, DNA Music Production,
Grounded movie score and production, The Song of Eve and The Human Genome Music Project :
''All the proceeds from the Human Genome Music is going toward the health and beauty of humanity. We are donating all proceeds to children's causes all over the planet, so that the Human Genome Sequence does 'not' just become a string of data. But takes care of the generations to come, that will depend upon our artistic, caring and scientific discoveries to benefit all mankind and our future generations..all we need to do, is care about our and our children's future''





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